10th April 2013

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Kirstie’s Vintage Craft Finds

Take a look at this! Kirstie picked up this beautiful vintage twine, ribbon and soap from igigi general store whilst filming in Brighton. These lovely bits and bobs can be used for all manner of projects. 

Whether you’re giving a gift, adding finishing touches to your interiors or any other craft project - it’s all about presentation! 

For example, using vintage, one off finds to adorn gifts, really takes presentation to another level. Here are some examples of gifts we just love, that utilise vintage finds and vintage buys. It makes the act of giving a gift, that little bit more personal - don’t you think?

Old rope, newspaper and magazines.

Found yarn, vintage fabric baubles, old train model greenery and toys.

You can even use balloons. 

And feathers.

Carrie hunter


Carrie Hunter